Toni Braxton Co-Hosts A Special Edition Of The Sweat Hotel

Toni Braxton Co-Hosts The Sweat Hotel

R&B legend, Toni Braxton hosted a very special edition of The Sweat Hotel last Friday, April 13th.  

Toni recently released her 8th studio album Sex & Cigarettes, which is her first solo studio album in eight years. She previously collaborated with Baby Face on the 2014 album Love, Marriage & Divorce which resulted in them winning the Grammy for Best R&B album in 2014. 

During the broadcast, she showcased a few of the songs from the album, including "Deadwood" and "Long As I Live". R&B fans are sure to love this new album. 

Thanks for stopping by Toni, if you ever stop singing your sultry voice translates perfectly for radio. Listen to Toni on-air above.