Let's Keep Orange Pride Roaring

I have hired many former students of Savannah State University.In fact, I have one currently on staff. Though not a graduate, I realize the important role this university has in this community.It is really concerning to hear of the issue facing it like: a drop in student enrollment and merger rumors, enrollment concerns, and the search for a new president.Many of these concerns were covered during the Savannah Branch NAACP Mass Meeting on Sunday, July 28.

I was glad to hear the Chairman of the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia Don Waters was in the audience and addressed the crowd.

Since 2014, SSU has lost 838 students, according to Waters. He also said how the decline in enrollment directly affected the two rounds of layoffs SSU experienced in the last year. Waters discussed having a dream for his hometown including SSU, but the city lacks the economic vitality found in hub cities like Atlanta. “We need more economic, robust economic development in this area and that’s how the tide is going to come in and lift all the boats,” Waters said.

I hope the university gets much needed leadership that will keep it independent and a staple for this community.



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