Trae Tha Truth Says His Team Rescued Over 300 People After Hurricane Ian

Trae Tha Truth

Photo: Getty Images

Trae Tha Truth and the Relief Gang recently spent time saving hundreds of people in Florida during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

On Wednesday, October 5, the philanthropic rapper announced his plans to provide 1000 hot meals for people in the Fort Myers area. According to his latest Instagram post, he plans to give 1000 meals or more to people in need daily. It's just the latest good deed Trae and his team have done since they've been on the west coast of Florida following the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian. So far, the Houston native has been able to rescue over 300 people.

“I think combined, they said with all of us, we’ve done over 300 rescues," Trae told KHOU 11. “We rescued newborns to the elderly, to disabled to everything. It’s been a hectic weekend. It’s definitely different to see big yachts turned upside down like they’re toy boats. I’ll have to say it’ll be a long time before they get back to normal."

Trae Tha Truth has become an expert at rapid response after natural disaster. His efforts began when he stepped up to help his community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Since then, he launched the Relief Gang, who have offered to help whenever disaster strikes in various areas of the country. Outside of Texas, they've lent a helping hand during the COVID pandemic, assisted Buffalo, N.Y. residents after the horrific mass shooting, and made rescue efforts in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura hit last year.

“It’s hurricane season," Trae added. "What do we expect people to do when it comes our way? We’re going to expect help, or we’re going to need help. So with me being a representative of Houston, if I can go down there and extend that hand and make an impact, we may need that helping hand at another time. So sometimes you just got to pay it forward you know?"

See more scenes of Trae Tha Truth and the Relief Gang's mission in Florida below.

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