"Demonstrate Don't Riot"

The events over this past week that continue…do not illuminate the full message of Dr. King’s quote “A Riot is the language of the unheard.”Dr. King always the “Pied Piper of Peace” wanted emphasis on his message of non-violent activism.He found “riots” to be un-productive and actions that advanced nothing.The UCLA Coach and Philosopher John Wooden said “never mistake activity for achievement.”It is good to demonstrate against the injustice viewed on the video of the murder of George Floyd.It is not good to be destructive and therefore distract from the wrong that has been committed.Is enough, enough?That bridge has been crossed long ago.However, now is not the time to burn down, but to build up.Now is the time to engage in every facet of our communities (political, social, economical, etc.) and be accountable to one another for its achievement.That is a language that will be understood and more importantly, it will be heard!