Kim Kardashian Calls Kourtney A 'Fake Humanitarian H*e' During Heated Fight

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney are back at it again with another explosive fight in the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian, which will air on Sunday night (September 15).

For the latest sister-to-sister duel, Kim calls out Kourtney via FaceTime for stealing her style when selecting wardrobe to wear to an event honor their late father, Robert Kardashian. The dispute continued on over text message exchange and later saw both Kourtney and Kim have their separate sidebar conversations recapping the drama. "Basically, I got into the biggest fight with Kourtney today because she just is such a bitch. Like, on another level," Kim says in a conversation with Kris Jenner. "So, I called Kourtney and Kourtney like screamed at me on the phone."

"I said, 'You're going to school to become a lawyer and help the world and these are the kinds of problems you have?'" Kourtney recalls of her conversation with her sister. "And she's like, 'You're really a miserable human being and you keep not understanding the issue because you, all of a sudden, turn into such a humanitarian and talk about the world's issues—which you've not contributed one ounce to the world.'"

"You f**kin' fake humanitarian hoe. I actually do sh*t for the world and you f**king fake it all day long," the SKIMS mogul rounds out the clip to Jenner. "And act like, 'Oh! There's people dying, Kim.' And what the f**k are you doing about it? So, shut the f**k up."

Scroll on below to see the teaser clips and find out how the fight ends up on the new episode of the E! reality show on Sunday at 9 PM ET.

Photo: Getty Images

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