Bobby Brown Kicked Off Flight, Cops Called

Bobby Brown was kicked off a JetBlue flight on Monday (September 9).

According to TMZ, the 50-year-old singer was removed from the aircraft, which was set to leave Los Angeles for Boston, and the incident led to everyone having to deboard while cops sorted out what happened.

A rep for JetBlue told the outlet Bobby was "removed from the aircraft prior to departure after crew members observed indications of intoxication. The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. In this instance, the customer was offered a seat on a later flight. The customer declined and was issued a refund."

However, eyewitnesses told a slightly different story, telling TMZ, they believe Bobby the flight crew "jumped the gun by throwing Bobby off the plane." Passengers who were sitting around the "My Prerogative" singer at the time of the incident told the outlet "he was not disruptive and did not interfere with the flight crew. Although he admitted to drinking before boarding, he was not being difficult and did not make a fuss when he was told he couldn't have a drink."

The New Edition singer was reportedly sitting in first class when he was involved in some sort of altercation before the plane took off. The incident is what led to the airline ordering everyone off the plane. Bobby was held at the entrance door while everyone else got off and cops were called to speak to him at the gate. Once he was off the plane, he reportedly could be heard yelling at the officers that he had to get to his brother's funeral, TMZ reports. A Bobby family source later told the site that it was actually one of Bobby's cousins who passed away.

Everyone, excluding Bobby, was eventually allowed back on the plane.

Photo: Getty Images