Hillary Clinton Tweeted Lizzo Lyrics At Lizzo & No, I'm Not Okay

Hillary Clinton is one cool Former Secretary of State!

On Tuesday (August 20), Lizzo tweeted a clip of five presidential hopefuls — including Hillary, who was the only woman in the group of men onstage — at the 2016 Democratic presidential debate, standing to observe the national anthem. However, instead of the usual "Star-Spangled Banner," the video features Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" in place of the anthem.

"Why are men great till they gotta be great?" Lizzo sings as the candidates stand with their hand over their hearts. While the hilarious clip garnered thousands of retweets on its own, it quickly went viral after Hillary responded to it the next day. "I just took a DNA test, turns out..." she hilariously replied, quoting the song's first verse.

People loved the Former First Lady's reply so much that it sparked a new Twitter challenge with people responding to the tweet with alternative endings to the line, which ends "turns out I'm 100% that bi*ch," based on what they think Hillary wanted to say. "We coulda had a bad b*tch—presidential," one fan wrote.

Patricia Arquette even got in on it, replying "You were a woman. In a country full of misogynists." However, one fan took the challenge even further, finishing out the entire verse, but with a Hillary twist. "I just took a DNA turns out I'm 100% a 'nasty woman'/ yeah I've got boy problems/ that's the human in me/ pantsuit then I solve them that's the goddess in me/ you could have a BAD bench four-year committal/ help you with the economy and equal rights just a little 🎼," she tweeted.

Photo: Getty Images