Man Says Drake Promised To Perform At His Wedding If He Got 100K Followers

UPDATE (5:45 p.m):

It was a scam! On Tuesday (August 20), Drake took to his Instagram Story to share a screenshot of the teen behind the "The Drake Wedding Guy" account apologizing for lying. "Hey Drake. Sorry it blew up like this. I'm a 16 year old from San Antonio and never meant for it to be like this. Huge fan of you. You can have my account if you want. I don't know what to do," read the message sent via DM.

Drake simply captioned the screenshot, "Instagram is a disturbing place," alongside three crying laughing emojis.

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Drake, the wedding singer! (has a nice ring to it)

Just six days ago a man created the Instagram account a "drake_wedding," claiming to have come to an agreement with the Canadian rapper that if he got 100,000 followers and 1,000,000 likes on an Instagram post he'd perform at his wedding for free.

"Guys! It would mean the world to me if you guys could help me achieve this goal!" the man, who has been identified as Washington native Jacob Haw, captioned the account's first post which was a screenshot of his alleged DM conversation with Drake. "I made this account so I can surprise my fiancé! Story share this so more people can see!"

In the DM convo, Jacob asks Drake what he'd have to do to get him to perform at his upcoming wedding? "Hey Drake! My fiancé and I are getting married on September 22nd and she is your biggest fan and I wanted to surprise her. How many likes or follows for you to perform a couple songs at our wedding. It would mean the world to us!" he wrote.

To his, and the Internet's surprise, Drake actually responded, telling the groom, "First off, congrats on getting married! And 1 million likes and 100,000 follows. Good luck." Jacob then replied, "Oh my gosh you actually responded!! I will try my very hardest to get that goal. Than you so much you're a great guy."

It didn't take long for Jacob to hop into action. He quickly created the account appropriately named "The Drake Wedding Guy," and got well over 100K followers (the account currently has 251K) and 1.2 million likes (and counting) in less than a week.

Given the quick turnaround and the sheer fact that Drake is well... Drake, the Internet was naturally skeptical of the authenticity of Jacob's DMs. So much so, Jacob posted a screen recording of him letting Drake know he accomplished his goal on the same Instagram DM thread as their initial messages. The soon-to-be-married man also spoke to a Toronto radio station in an effort to explain his story and prove that his conversation with Drake was real.

After defending himself, and his alleged DMs with the "Money In The Grave" rapper, Jacob said he's sent Drake multiple messages since reaching his goal and is simply waiting for him to respond. "Maybe he has other stuff going on, but so far he hasn't responded yet. He hasn't seen it either," he said, per Complex. "I believe Drake and his word. We hit the goal, he'll come out and perform. That's what I believe."

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