Jim Jones Talks Arrest + Challenges 50 Cent To A Boxing Match


Just one week after being arrested in Georgia, Jim Jones sat down with Angie Martinez to talk up getting caught up in a car with loaded guns and drugs which ended with him being arrested and mugshot being plastered all over the blogs.

"I've been advised by my lawyer that I can't talk about the case," he says as soon as Angie brings up the arrest, but does go on to say that he prides himself in not doing drugs. "I take pride that I don't do any drugs...that part is what bothers me the most." 

He also touches on the media blowing up stories and later on not reporting the outcome when it is a positive one. "I hope they keep the same energy when my lawyer clears all this up," he says about his hopes that his name will be cleared. "You can check my track record...ya know what I do. I smoke and I drink, besides that you know I be in the gym" says Jimmy who all throughout the interview during which he kept denying that he does drugs.

He also weighs on the murders of XXXTentacion and the young Bronx boy, Lesandro "Junior" Guzman, who was killed outside of a Bronx bodega by a group of men.  "What happened in the Bronx makes my heart cry, I have a 15-year-old son," he says. Just malicious and vicious...somebody should have called 911, we all twisted out here over this social media." 

While discussing XXX he says that they shared a label and first came to find out about him at a parent-teacher conference 3-4 years ago when he asked his son's classmates who their favorite rapper was. "I met him a couple of times, good dude. For the most part, every time I met him he was a cool dude" he says.

"I got something for you curly! He caught me slipping, I couldn't do nothing. You got it I had no defense...damn you're relentless! I'm gonna get you back!" he says when Angie brings up 50 Cent posting about his arrest immediately after the news broke. 

The Drake v. Pusha T beef also came up during their interview, "Pusha pushed him to the limit artistically. He caught him slipping, he put him in awkward way that we had never seen Drake" says Jimmy followed up by pointing out that "Drake never loses" and when he puts a track out we're all in tune. At the 23:30 mark after debating how they should handle the beef Jim Jones said they should just shoot a fair one and fight it out. He then proceeded to challenge 50 Cent to a boxing match. 

Jimmy also weighs in on all the new albums that have dropped recently saying that Pusha T's album is dope, Kanye West's album is different, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are out here straight cheating, Nas very nostalgic, Styles P very aggressive, very "dopeboy" and "uptownish."

According to TMZ Jimmy was the backstage passenger in a car that led police on a chase and when they were pulled police say they found weed, THC oil, oxycodone and Percocet pills. They also found two loaded weapons and cash of an undisclosed amount, which Jim described as “petty cash,” TMZ reports. 

Check out the Full Interview above.... 


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