Morris Day Opens Up About Prince

Morris Day was a part of Prince’s musical legacy. Now, Morris is opening up about some of the tension that existed in his relationship with the late music his new book, “On Time: A Princely Life in Funk,” the front man for The Time, reveals that at times it felt like Prince was his rival off-screen just as much as he was on-screen. The tell-all book touches on Day’s cocaine use, and tensions on the set of the 1984 classic Purple Rain movie in which he claims things reached a boiling point thanks to the superstar’s unchecked power trips and an incredibly stressful shooting schedule. Morris tells how he showed up late one day and Prince exploded and shoved him. It took the intervention of Prince’s bodyguard and The Time drummer “Jellybean” Johnson to stop the two from getting into a physical brawl. “Of course it would have went my way,” Day told The Post “I outweighed the dude by a good 25 pounds! Check out what he had to say to “Access Hollywood.”



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