Iowa Official Gets Can For Being A Fan of Tupac

Jerry Foxhoven, the former director of Iowa’s Department of Human Services, is speaking out following reports that he was told to resign after sending an email to 4,300 employees about his love for Tupac. Foxhoven, described himself as “a 66-year-old white guy,” said he frequently quoted Tupac at work as detailed in internal emails first obtained by news outlets. He says the emails were meant to “add a little levity and humanness” to the office. Foxhoven noted that he has been a TuPac fan since the ’90s. “I would say Tupac is by far my favorite, second would be Snoop Dogg,” adding that he appreciates the “socially conscious messages in Tupac’s work.” How would you feel if a supervisor use this tactic in the work place?


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