Adele fans will have to hold out a bit longer for any official sign of new music.  Another round of rumors flooded the Internet on Wednesday morning, only to be debunked by the star's label boss hours later.  


Beggars Group head Martin Mills tells "Billboard" there's "no truth" to the latest reports, which apparently came from the official Twitter page of the World Music Awards.  A tweet claimed Adele had confirmed a new album as well as a world tour in 2015.   


Adele is rumored to be recording in London and has given her many hopeful fans some reason to expect more music.  

On her birthday back in May, she tweeted "Bye bye 25 ... See you again later in the year."  Her next release is expected to be titled "25," following the pattern of her previous album "21" and "19."


 "Billboard" predicts that whenever the album does arrive, it should be one of the year's biggest releases.