Dawn writes:

We had movers here to take an old piano and couch to our church's thrift shop.  Our Peanut is very shy and always hides when anyone strange comes in the house.  He usually hides anyway!  He used to get up inside the couch by tearing a hole in the bottom of the material, so we took all the material off the bottom of the couch so we could find him more easily. We thought he ran into another room when the movers came in.  We looked under that couch and even up into it before they picked it up. My husband stood guard at the door when they picked up the couch, carried it to the truck, and put it in.  The movers then drove the truck to the Thrift shop. They left the back of the truck open while they unloaded and brought in the piano.  Then they put the couch into the storage room of the shop.
We have been over to search the shop (God's Goods on Persimmon Street) and surrounding area. We put food and water in the shop & it went untouched. There are woods in back of the shop and we searched there, too.
When we went back to the shop, we did inspect the couch again. We turned it on its side and looked up into it. What we didn't realize was that there was a small wood ledge and another hollow area way up in what would be the top of the back.  He could have hung on there with his sharp claws, even tho it was not much to grab.  If we looked under the couch & up into it we wouldn't have necessarily seen him, since at the time, didn't realize he could get up above that wood ledge.
So - he could have dropped out of the couch on it's way to go into the truck in our yard (Broad Wood Estates Road, off Old Bailey. We live in the sticks off Rt. 170 - I think it's Okatie. Between Bluffton and Beaufort) and scooted into our woods, or he could have been loaded into the truck along with our couch.
Then at the thrift shop, he could have left the truck while the piano was being moved (I doubt it) or stayed hidden in the couch and either scooted out while it was being moved into the shop, or after they put it in the shop and the doors were still open.  He is not in the shop - about 20 volunteers searched inside and they'd also know if he had to pee or poop at some point.  And I think he would have gone for the food we left.
IF he somehow stayed inside the truck after the two pieces came out, he would have been transported to a local neighborhood (Island West on St. Simon's Drive between #s 30 and 40) to pick up some stuff from a house.  There was nothing in the truck but a pile of moving blankets folded up when the truck left the thrift shop.  The movers said they would have seen him. At this house items were loaded, so IF he was in the truck, he could have exited there.  
IF he stayed in the truck, it then went to a storage facility (local - Smart Stop Storage on the corner of Red Cedar and Bluffton Parkway) where the items were unloaded.  So he could have exited the truck there.  And finally, the truck went back to the moving company office and warehouse (All My Sons on Rt. 46).  I don't know if they opened it for any reason at that point. So I suppose there is a very very slight chance that could be a 5th location, but I doubt it.  They did check the truck for us early the next AM and it was empty.
Here is what we have done so far:
1. Searched our neighborhood, and the thrift shop and surroundings.  
2. We distributed a flyer on our street and the street leading to our neighborhood.  
3. We had the thrift shop put up flyers and keep checking in the shop for him.
4. We gave flyers to the 4 other shops attached to the thrift shop.
5. We called our Vet, and they assured us we were doing everything right.
6. We went up the street from the thrift shop to an area of shops and warehouses where 20 to 30 feral cats congregate. (Straight up Persimmon and into Sheridan Park)  Ladies come once a week or so to feed them. We gave flyers to all 3 of them and the 2 businesses whose property the cats are on.  It is unlike Peanut to be that "social" - but who knows if he is hungry enough.
7. We found friends in Island West where the truck went after it dropped off our 2 items.  They posted a flyer in the HOA office and distributed some on the street where the next stop had been.  The owner of the moving company called the customer there to ask if they had seen him; no.  The owner also has flyers and posted in and around his company on Rt. 46.
8. We placed an ad on Craigslist.
9. We put the word out all over town on Facebook.
10. We got advice from these websites:
We are going to:
1. Give all the info to Hilton Head Humane Society - they have been in touch with us.
2. Give info to a pet rescue organization.
3. Call all the vets and shelters in our two county area.
So, all of the locations are in the same town, Bluffton, SC, EXCEPT our home which is about a 15-20 minute drive from there, out in the "country", off the beaten path. (it's Ridgeland mailing address but it's NOT in Ridgeland.  It is Jasper County on the border of Beaufort.
I hope this is the info you are looking for - please let us know if you need anything else.
Best Regards,
Howard and Dawn Duff