We have 2 dogs still missing.  Our dogs disappeared last Tuesday and we are in the Rincon area. We have a witness that saw a man in a green Ford Explorer with Bryan County tags pick our girls up at approximately 3:40 pm Aug 20, from in front of our home on Hodgeville Rd in Effingham County.  We have a fenced yard, but it appears that the gate may have blown open during a storm and they were out.  We had hoped it was someone trying to be helpful, but it has been a week now and there is no sign of them.  

Missing are Dixie a white Miniature Schnauzer and Crystal a Golden Retriever.  Both are females and neither are spayed.  They are members of our family and we just want them back, no questions asked.  We can be contacted at 912-663-7088 or 912-665-2869.