SadieMae is a sweet active almost 4 year old Boykin who had an injury to her back in May 2010.  The family was young and could not afford the surgery that was recommended at that time.  Xrays and exams were done at that time, and they also recommended swimming and physical therapy.   We purchased a pool and have been "swimming her" almost every day since.  We are also doing physical therapy with her legs, just small repetitions, bicycling movements, etc.  We have borrowed a rear-support wheelchair.  When you put her in it, her tail wags the whole time she is cruising along!!!  We had to tie a bell on it to keep up with her.  Without her wheelchair, she uses her front legs and scoots along on her rear, keeping her rear legs stretched out in front.  She is not incontinent and does not appear to be in pain, except that she gets frustrated with not being able to move as our other dogs do.   We have seen improvement during July, she now moves her legs more, but she will not support her weight or stand or walk.
We took SadieMae to Carolina Vet Specialists in Charlotte last week to see a neurologist.  His diagnosis was "thoracolumbar myelopathy" and that is was probably due to a herniated disk or spinal cord stroke.  Our next step is an MRI (cost of $1800) to see if surgery is a possibility.  If so, he felt that it is not too late for surgery and she had a 70-80% chance of recovering from her condition.  The surgery cost is $3500-$4000 (which also includes the MRI if done at the same time - he would do the MRI under the same sedation and proceed into surgery if necessary).   Thanks to the info on our website, BSR has raised around $2400 specifically for SadieMae!!!!  One donation of $1500 from one person!!! Wonderful!  But BSR is still short the funds for the surgery if MRI shows it is a possiblity.     Again, the Board wanted me to contact the vet scholarship recipients to see if we could possibility get the MRI done at a reduced price. 

Just don't want this sweet sweet girl to have to wait any longer than she has to - it really breaks your heart to see her wanting to retrieve, move on her own, etc.    Attaching pictures too - look at the BSR website for earlier picture of her.  http://www.boykinrescue.org/bsr/adopt/availDet.php?dog_id=83
She really is an inspiration!

Thanks for all your help as always and keep SadieMae in your prayers.