This dog’s life certainly has changed for the better. A four-month-old puppy named Danny was almost blind when he was rescued from a hoarder in Texas back in July.  While at the Austin Humane Society he was diagnosed with a rare disease called bilateral juvenile cataracts, which caused him to lose his sight in both eyes. But now Danny can see once again, thanks to Dr. Lynsey Wagner at Eye Care for Animals, who donated her services, and performed $4,000 surgery on the now-five month old for free. While it will take some time for Danny to fully recover, his foster parents are already seeing a big change.  “He’s actually almost in a run, which we’ve never seen him do,” said foster mom Whitney Lowther-Franco.  And Danny’s future certainly looks bright. The public’s response to the puppy’s plight helped the AHS raise enough money not only to cover his post-surgery costs, but to help other dogs in need.