Two New Jersey women are overjoyed with the “miracle” return of their cat, who went missing six months ago.  Uranie Roberts and her daughter  Carol Baumann were evacuated from their home during Hurricane Sandy in October, and went to stay with family who lived eight miles inland. While there, the pair’s cat Porsche went missing, and the family thought they’d never see him again. But that all changed last week, when Uranie and Carol were finally able to return to their Toms River home. On Wednesday, Carol heard a sound at the back deck and found Porsche at the door.  “I saw the green eyes and I said, ‘My God in heaven, it’s Porsche!”' said Carol. And despite the months away, and the lengths the cat likely travelled, he didn’t seem any worse for wear.  “You could see he was eating,” Uranie said. “His fur is sleek and soft.” Added Carol, “It’s amazing how he found his way home. I wish he could talk.” Oh the stories he could tell.