A medium size male bulldog mix has been living on and under our utility trailer in the backyard for the past several days. He appears to be a healthy young dog in the 18-24 months age range. I hope he belongs to someone on Isle of Hope, but I would imagine that he has been dropped off on the island by an uncaring owner.

 The dog is well fed and his toenails are clipped very closely. He is very gentle and easy to handle, but he is fearful. It is apparent that he has not had much contact with either humans or other dogs, and he seems to want to "just make a friend". I walked him on the leash this morning with good results. He shies away from people and dogs, but willingly allows himself to be petted. He is not aggressive at all around other dogs. In fact, he is just the opposite in that he is very passive!

 Please pass this around and let's see if we can find his owner. If we don't find his home in the next several days, I will have to call animal control to come out and take him to the pound. I hate to call animal control because dogs of this type are hard to place because they appear to be so aggressive. This gentle sole is just the opposite and should make someone a good family pet.  Perhaps some caring family on Isle of Hope would like to give him a forever home. 

Please send an email to noelwright1@comcast.net or johnson.bucky@yahoo.com