This little doggie, now named "Nettie," was hit by a car last week. We still don't know who the owners are. Fortunately, Natalie Mock came to her rescue and, out of her own pocket, paid more than $800 by taking her to the emergency clinic in Savannah where they did little for the dog other than keep her out of pain. Nettie requires surgery and that means even more money--and this isn't even Natalie's dog! But once Nettie recovers she will need a good home. For now, some caring individuals are trying to help cover the vet costs.

Marie Bujitas is the owner of Christopher George's Salon in Savannah and while Marie cannot cover the vet costs, she can help by offering her services and donating them to the vet. She writes:

Hello Mark, I'm involved in the fund raising for Nettie and helping Natalie Mock who came to the rescue of the pup. I was the one who came across her post on CL and could not help but to share it. Once I met Natalie face to face and learned more about her and the pup, now named Nattie being hit by a car I even want to help her more. I donated to her toward the final bill with the emergency clinic. I wish I was in a situation where I could just pay for it all but as a primary supporter of my business and home as a single mother its not possible. I do own a hair salon, Christopher George's Salon on White Bluff Rd. As I know the paid out amount of Natalie's out of pocket to the emergency clinic is totaling $887. and whatever Nettie needs for foster and recovery care. My offer and contribution toward is, is my work. I have 20 plus yrs. experience in the hair business. I could do men's haircuts for $10, women's for 20, blow outs for $15 all this money would go directly to and benefiting the Pooler veterinary clinic who did the surgery till balance paid. These quoted prices are about 50% off of my regular charges. We cannot have Nettie ending up at Animal Control simply because lack of funds,not after we all trying to do for her. I do work 6 days a week, if anyone would be interested they would have to schedule by calling me and mentioning Save Nettie. The salon fee would be donated to the vet. I deliver 100% of myself to anyone who cares enough about the voiceless. Sincerely, Marie Bujtas owner of Christopher George's Salon 912-201-1026